Empowering Media Enterprises With Technology Solutions

Our Services

iOS applications for most complete audience engagement.

Intuitive Android applications serving you and your clients.

Most converting landing pages and beautiful website UX projects.

Systems customly created for media processing and analytics.

Big data media processing systems able to cope with greatest pressures.

Don't hesitate to approach us even with most unique needs - our team is sure to accept the challenge!

Why BASquare?

BASquare is IT software development company based in Poland and with R&D center in Ukraine. Specializing in multimedia solutions, BASquare is cooperating with most ambitious media enterprises and agencies.

What we deliver?

BASquare helps media and content enterprises improve existing IT solutions and solve technical issues. BASquare provides dedicated teams able to both empower and replace enterprise's own IT division, taking its technological infrastructure to the new level of efficiency.

How we work?

Delivering even hardest projects within tight timeframes with the maximum quality, BASquare has got numerous recommendations for being a reliable partner. We provide multi-skilled teams of professionals polishing the solution from all sides: starting from UX and software architecture, to high performance and software security.

Our Team

Yaroslav Halytskyy

COO, Co-Founder

Taras Sheremet

CTO, Co-Founder

Taras Vozniak

Project Manager, Co-Founder

Christina Pelykh

Customer Relations

Roma Maday

Web Developer

Modest Ach

Mobile Developer

Nataliya Artym

HR Specialist

Oksana Kondratenko